Cookies and other tracking technologies can be used on our site in a number of ways. Therefore, we think it is important to explain to you what Cookies are and why they are used by FR Perfumes. Please read the following information carefully to understand how FR Perfumes uses Cookies and what are its options.

1. What are Cookies?

A Cookie is a small amount of data that is placed in your computer's browser. Cookies use various techniques to publish data or read data on users' devices, such as your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, for example to identify or store your preferences. Well-known Cookies are small (text) files that are placed on devices and can be identified again later. We also use other tracking techniques, such as javascripts, web beacons (small blocks of code installed on a web page, an application, or an ad that can make certain information available about the device and the browser it uses), or device fingerprints , mobile identifiers, and tracking links. All of these technologies are collectively referred to as "Cookies" in this Cookie Policy.

2. How long do FR Perfumes cookies remain active?

The cookies we use have different durations. A "session cookie" expires when you close your browser, while a "persistent cookie" remains on your device for a certain amount of time. You can delete all cookies from your browser at any time through the Cookies settings in your browser. The location of these settings varies depending on which browser you are using. To find out where your settings are, use the search function on the settings page or use the help function in your browser.

3. What cookies does FR Perfume use?

We use so-called Primary Cookies as well as Third Party Cookies. Primary Cookies are placed and read by FR Perfumes itself. Third Party Cookies are Cookies that are placed and / or read by third parties. We also use the so-called Tracking Cookies. Our Primary Tracking Cookies are used exclusively to track your browsing habits in our Online Store. Third Party Tracking Cookies may also be used to track your browsing habits on various (other) sites, not just our Online Store. We can not control this crawl, so we would like to refer you to the privacy policies of the third parties involved.

Functional Cookies. Functional Cookies are Cookies required to enable the use of the Online Store or certain features. For example, there is a Cookie that ensures that the session in your account remains active and you do not have to log in to your account every time you click a link in the Online Store. These Cookies are placed independently of your consent when you visit the Online Store or use certain features. We also use Functional Cookies to:

  • check what type of account you have
  • check if you're signed in to your account
  • save the type of device that was used to visit the Online Store
  • check if gallery or list view is used

Analytics and search cookies. These Cookies retain the way visitors use the Online Store. We may use the information in these Cookies to review your use of the Online Store and determine what causes errors in the Online Store. Some of them are placed independently of your consent when you visit FR Perfumes, such as those that only collect aggregate data. Analytics and search cookies are used for:

  • track the number of users in the Online Store
  • track the time you spend in the Online Store
  • track the order of visits from different websites
  • decide which parts of the Online Store need improvement
  • show you opinion poll results about you
  • understand what type of user is

Functionality Cookies. We use these Cookies to know what you like and how it behaves in the Online Store. Based on this, we can show you the articles best suited to your interests. To show you customized content in our Online Shop, we use these Cookies to track your behavior to get an idea of ​​your interests and to keep the reference of the article you have chosen to visit.

Commercial Cookies. These Cookies are used to show you ads on third-party sites that match your interests based on your behavior in our Online Store, such as to see the articles you've visited and to track the ads you've seen to prevent them from being always seeing the same ads and see if you clicked on an ad.

Social networking cookies. We want our users to have the opportunity to share the experiences they had in our Online Store and with our Service through social networks. For this reason, we have put some buttons and options related to social networks in our Online Shop. Through these buttons and options, their social network providers can put Cookies to be read later. These Cookies allow logged-in users on the selected social networking platforms to share content directly from the Online Store.

4. How can you control the use of Cookies?

You can manage your Cookie settings on the browser you are using. Please follow the instructions provided by your browser on accepting, removing or rejecting cookies. Do not forget that our Primary Cookies are important to our Service. If you decide not to accept them, this may affect the availability and functionality of some of the features that make our Online Store easy to use and attractive. For example, by disabling these cookies, you may need to sign in to your account whenever you visit. If you choose to opt out of certain Cookies, you can still see online advertising, but these ads will not be tailored to your interests or preferences.

5. Can this Cookie Policy be changed?

We may amend or supplement this Cookie Policy. We strive to make our Cookies information up-to-date, but we emphasize that Cookies overviews are always instant. Due to the constant innovation of the Online Store and the fact that the internet and the various parties involved are constantly changing, it is possible that an updated version of Cookies and Cookie information is not always available in this Cookie Policy.

6. Contact

For questions regarding this Cookie Policy and the use of Cookies in our Online Shop, you can contact us by sending an email to